Not Everyone Will Like You – 6 Reasons That’s OK


We’ve all heard the saying, “you can’t win them all.” And it’s true. You can’t please them all. You can’t make them all laugh. You can’t make them all friends. You can’t make them all like you.

 But this is less about how you are perceived, and more about releasing the stress of worrying about other people’s opinions.


When you’re comfortable not being liked by everyone:

1)    It allows you to be your true self

The biggest disservice you can do yourself is shifting to please your audience of the moment. It’s exhausting (even to watch) and, frankly, pointless. No one will get to know who you really are, which will leave you feeling empty.

2)   It gives you the power to say no

I believe people are good at heart. Still, it’s human nature to test each other’s boundaries. When you’re willing to risk being disliked, you’re able to say no when you need to. Your yeses and nos shape your future, so choose them wisely.

3)   You can freely express your thoughts

One of the kindest things you can do for someone else is listen without judging. You deserve that same kindness, but you won’t always get it. People will form opinions as you speak. Talk anyway. Let your words be kind, but fearless.

4)   It prepares you for greater success

Pick a popular Twitter user and look at their @replies. Odds are they field their fair share of harsh comments on a regular basis. The higher you rise, the more attention you’ll receive, both positive and negative. A willingness to be disliked helps you deal with the added scrutiny.

5)   You can inspire other people

There is someone I know who has the uncanny ability to keep going even when others try to pull her down. I’ve always admired this quality, and learn from her every day. To this woman, anyone who doesn’t appreciate her assertive, over-the-top personality is a reminder that she is unique and unafraid.

6)   You can use your time wisely

If you want to be liked by everyone, chances are you’re spreading yourself way too thin trying to keep them all happy. We need to use our time judiciously to enrich ourselves and others, instead of worrying about everyone’s perceptions.

So, What Did You Think?

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