Almost Rehab Time


Purchase ticket – check!

In just over a week, Trent Shelton, the hottest source of goodness since sliced bread, will fly to Toronto and spread his magical pixie dust in a room full of open minds and hearts. Rising to fame for his poetic style of “real talk” and motivation, Shelton keeps you hanging on to every word. And did I mention the 29-year-old is easy on the eyes? Woo! *fans herself*

But, seriously. It’s his words that linger and have the most impact – and what makes me smile, is the brother has no qualms about expressing his faith in God. I’m going to be there, next Saturday, will bells on. VIP tix are sold out (no surprise there), but there are still some general ones available here.

If you haven’t yet been a student of Shelton’s teachings, check out one of my favourite motivational videos below. Stay tuned to Simons Says for pictures from the event!



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