See My Heart Not My Past: 7 Lasting Lessons From Trent Shelton

He walked on stage at the Sheraton Hotel in Richmond Hill, Ontario to a standing ovation, lengthy applause, and the sounds of a Hip hop bassline muffled in all that clapping. It’s nothing short of what’s expected for a man whose name has created this much buzz. Rehab Time holds an enormous presence on social media based on Trent Shelton’s words of encouragement alone. His 2-minute YouTube videos are contagious. His catch phrases are – catchy.

Shelton: “If you feel me, let me hear you say ‘yup!’”

Crowd: “Yup!”

Sheraton hotel, Richmond Hill

Sheraton hotel, Richmond Hill

Trent Shelton is a treat to watch and listen to. He’s considered by many as the top motivator in the world, under the age of 30. However, the former NFL wide receiver says he has led a normal life. Shelton turned his pain (he was once diagnosed with depression) into passion. He reminds us: “I’m just like you.” And I think I believe him.

The more this Christian man believes in God, the more I trust in him. The more he gives the honour and glory of his accomplishments to Jesus, the more intently I listen to Shelton’s teachings. He says he doesn’t boastfully quote those Bible scriptures, but that he strives every day to be about that life.

I believe that what has happened for Trent Shelton, can happen for you and I. Success. But not the rock-star kind, rather the kind that changes lives and leaves behind a legacy. I’m at a point right now, where he has been already – and it’s that moment where you begin to realize what you’ve been called to do. I’ve been all the way through school, earned top grades, a degree. I steadily hold down a 9 to 5. I’ve birthed two human beings and raise them daily. But my heart tells me there’s much more to my story – that I have the power to change and affect (other) lives. And though my destiny is still a bit fuzzy, my vision today is the sharpest it has ever been.

Sasha-Ann Simons with Trent Shelton

Sasha-Ann Simons with Trent Shelton


Trent Shelton, "Nothing Short of Greatness" tour

Trent Shelton, “Nothing Short of Greatness” tour

Shelton initiates a crowd "selfie" moment

Shelton initiates a crowd “selfie” moment

  7 Take-Aways – from Trent’s Lips to God’s Ears:

1)   Make the world respect your great

Understand that you are not your past. As you grow, people like to remind you of who you used to be and bring up what you used to do, but you can’t let that stop your growth.

2)   Opinions don’t matter

It’s often people who know the least about you that have the most to say. The same can be said for those who have never taken the time to understand what you’ve been through. Keep your circle small.

3)   Commitment = staying loyal to what you said you were going to do, long after the mood you said it in has left you.

What do you value most in life? Be honest with yourself, and write it down. Your every day actions should line up with these values. Now, think of your legacy. What are you leaving behind that’s going to remain long after you are gone? (not the material stuff)

4)   Anchor your actions in greatness – so daily, you produce nothing less than your very best.

Consistency is key. When you’re consistent then you’re reliable. When you’re reliable then you’re trustworthy. Have faith, even when you don’t truly believe.

5)   They love you ‘til you become competition

Everybody wants you to do better, be blessed, and be successful…until you’re better, more blessed, and a little more successful than them. You are your own competition, no one else. Be loyal to yourself. Be loyal to God.

6)   Keep Moving Forward

A journey is made up of small steps. Stop quitting on friendships and relationships, simply because things got difficult. Remain disciplined. Discipline is not simply saying ‘no’ to the things you hate, it’s saying ‘no’ to the things that don’t get you the ‘yes’ you are after in life.

7)   It All Starts With You

This is Shelton’s catchiest phrase. A simple reminder to have faith, have patience and to trust in God.


  1. beautybytisha · April 23, 2014

    The 7 Take Aways are GREAT! 7) It All Starts With You stuck out the most! Great read Thanks


  2. Suzzanne · April 26, 2014

    Well written. Great read. He is such an inspiration and motivator. So sorry I missed him.


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