Hacking Into Awesome! pt. 2

Another night in the world of webcasting. Episode 15 of The Lori and Cher show was a packed one – I was joined by writer, Melissa Bessey and associate producer, Adriel Smiley on the “Hot Topics” panel. We talked the day’s news headlines, including Palcohol (a powdered alcohol substance in the US), National #SendYourManANudeDay on Twitter, and a controversial children’s book titled “The Night Dad Went To Jail.” loriandcher2

The conversation then switched gears. Lori and Cher interviewed a woman named Desiree Lee, who has a compelling story of how she went from facing 135 years in prison to turning her life around and keeping teens from incarceration.

author, Desiree Lee

author, Desiree Lee

Missed the show? Watch us do our thing right here. The Lori and Cher show airs live on Tuesday nights at 9PM.


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