ESPN’s Bomani Jones Gives The Realest Take On Donald Sterling Controversy

Donald Sterling is a reported long-time racist, and by now you’ve read and heard all about his latest rant during a heart to heart on the phone with his conniving sugar baby

Los Angeles Clippers owner Donald Sterling and girlfriend V. Stiviano

Los Angeles Clippers owner Donald Sterling (left) and girlfriend V. Stiviano (white shirt)

ESPN host Bomani Jones knows all too well, Sterling’s history of racism. Back in 2006, the sports writer penned a column titled “Sterling’s racism should be news” after the US Department of Justice sued Sterling for housing discrimination. Sterling allegedly refused to rent apartments he owned to African Americans, Latinos and people with children and, though he denied the charges, agreed to a settlement of $2.765 million in 2009. There’s also record of a separate housing discrimination lawsuit in 2003.

Monday, on the Dan Le Batard Show, Jones gave a heated 10-minute speech on why, despite allegations of Sterling’s racism being well documented for decades, the story has people all wound up today.

“What they’re not tolerating about Donald Sterling is the fact that what he said was impolite,” Jones said on the ESPN program. “But when Donald Sterling was out here toying with people’s lives on things that really mattered and matters of life and death – the media, the NBA, these sponsors and all these people who now wanna get patted on the back didn’t say a mumbling word. They can all kiss my behind.”

NBA Commissioner Adam Silver announced Tuesday that Sterling has been banned from the NBA for life and will be fined $2.5 million.

Listen to Bomani Jones talk about the REAL Donald Sterling problem:

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