It’s My Birthday! 31 Things I’m Thankful For



And here it is, a post on my birthday! Who would have thought that I would be able to get a post out today? I have found a secret! I was reading some blogging tips, and one of them is to schedule your posts! By doing so, I’ve started planning posts for my site and it relieves a lot of the pressure I’ve felt before trying to get a post out in a timely manner.

I found this e-card and after cracking up, I thought it was appropriate to post because it’s sooo true! Facebook seems to control much of the actions we would have once taken on a more personal level. If there’s one thing you should know about me, it’s how thankful I am for not only the Facebook love, but the phone calls and messages sure do go a long way! (*screaming* THANK YOU!)

What am I doing to celebrate?? Keeping it low key. Just spending a ton of quality time with the people I adore. My sister and niece kicked it off yesterday with a birthday-eve dinner date at Island Mix. As the night went on, I felt like a rock star with the amount of birthday love and positivity in the room.


baby sash

So today, on the occasion of my 31st birthday, here’s a note of 31 things I’m grateful for (in no particular order): 

  1. My family. Let’s face it, if it wasn’t for the love of my parents I wouldn’t be here. All families have their ups and downs, but I’m fortunate that my family has always supported me.
  2. My friends. The people I call my friends are AMAZING! Life-long buddies. In it for the long haul. Even the ones that aren’t really friends anymore…they have all contributed to my life in a positive way.
  3. Being the baby. I’m the youngest, and there’s quite an age difference. So, I lived much of my life like an “only child.” It has its perks, especially the ability to seek great advice from my big siblings who have already been there, done that.
  4. Rover. My pet dog in Jamaica whose time with us didn’t last longer than a hot minute. Sadly, the little guy disappeared without a trace. Oddly, I developed a fear of dogs ever since, however I’ve been able to think back on the love I grew for Rover, open up again and let some other family pets into my heart.
  5. Ex-boyfriends. Break ups are hard and sometimes we never talk to our exes again, but we always learn something from the relationship. I don’t hold any grudge towards the men of my past. I see these failed relationships as opportunities for growth.
  6. My body. My body rocks. It’s gotten me this far and I plan to keep taking care of it so it will continue to rock! The body is our vessel to experience this life – so, take care of it folks, it’s the only one you got.
  7. The people that gave me a chance.
  8. Sickness. I’m stronger because of it.
  9. My failures. Really just blessings in disguise right? So I guess they aren’t really failures.
  10. Being told NO.
  11. Being told YES.
  12. GOD.
  13. Past employers.
  14. All the tears I’ve shed.
  15. All the laughs.
  16. Mother Nature. She’s been a life saver several times.
  17. Tough decisions.
  18. My creative expression.
  19. Music and Dance. Some of my best memories of my life revolve around music. Just about every personal moment I think of, has its own soundtrack.
  20. My Mom’s Oxtail and my Dad’s Rice and Peas. Kept this girl’s belly happy and full.
  21. Skittles. My most favourite candy on the planet.
  22. The fact that you’re still reading this.
  23. This blog. It has been such an awesome outlet for me to express myself and to get so much love in return… love you guys.
  24. Responsibility. “I’m a grown woman. I can do what-ever I waaant” – Beyonce
  25. Learning the hard way.
  26. Being provided for. One thing I’ve learned in my 31 years is that everything happens just as it needs to for us to grow and learn. Also, that the Lord always provides if we are open to it.
  27. Being told to dream big. Every little kid needs to hear those words.
  28. Schooling. Where would I be without you? Mrs. Chambers (Grade 1) is still my favourite teacher.
  29. All my adventures. I’ve had some amazing ones. So great, I can’t blog about ‘em. * smiles *
  30. Travel. Can’t wait to do more. Next stop: Europe. Finally.
  31. I Am all I need. Above all else… this is the most important.

I’m just glad that everyday is a gift and a blessing. Happy Birthday to me!

Cheers! xo



  1. Lalaa · August 20, 2014

    Happy Birthday love. Love the list especially #22 and the #beyonce reference because of course no list is complete without her👍


  2. Lauren · August 20, 2014

    Happy Birthday!! I love Skittles too and #22 cracked me up! 🙂 Have a wonderful day!

    Liked by 1 person

  3. beautybytisha · August 20, 2014

    Happy Birthday AGAIN!!! LOL @ #4 you are a damn fool!


  4. Selina Hamilton · August 20, 2014

    HAPPY BIRTHDAY HUNNY BUN!!! lol. Love that way we click right away. Enjoy your day 😘😘😘 love Ya!!


  5. Have an amazing day!!!


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