Hello! I’m Sasha-Ann Simons. And this is a look into my crazy world – where news, inspiration, and kids collide. Here on Simons Says, I share what I’ve seen, what I’ve heard, and what I’m most passionate about. My daily experiences, all up for discussion. Enjoy!

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Professional Bio:

Determination and opportunity catapulted Sasha-Ann Simons, a Toronto-based broadcast news journalist, into her dream career. After enrolling in Ryerson University’s Journalism program in 2006, Sasha-Ann quickly turned her passion for news and current affairs into a series of internships and paid gigs working in Canada’s largest media market.

Sasha-Ann told breaking news and community stories as a Videographer and Weekend News Anchor for Rogers TV’s First Local News. When network executives decided in early 2011 to cancel daily news programs across the country, Sasha-Ann became the host and producer of a weekly news magazine show called My Community is Durham.

Sasha-Ann sat on the board of the Canadian Association of Black Journalists (CABJ) and is a member of the NABJ in the United States. In February 2011, she was recognized for her selfless effort when she received the City of Toronto’s Volunteer and Community service award, for “volunteering time for more than 5 years to a cause or organization that would advance people of African-Canadian ancestry.”

Later that year, Sasha-Ann honed the craft of writing by landing a job in the CityTV newsroom and, subsequently, moved on to become a full-time producer of the award-winning Global News, for both Toronto and Winnipeg.

Sasha-Ann has written for US and Canadian publications, including Rabble, The Tyee, and Jive Magazine. Her interests also include photography and digital media.

Sasha-Ann currently works on the other side of the press release, in media relations for the Government of Ontario. She recently revived her personal video blog, Simons Says, a quirky, conversation starter on juggling the fast-paced media industry, real life, and motherhood. She continues to mentor students and motivate youth via speaking engagements across the city.


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