Farewell T Dot: Living The Dream in The ROC

I did it! Phew!

I packed my bags…and a gazillion boxes… and lugged them across the border to Upstate New York! The Rochester area, to be exact. My family and I have lived in our new city for a few weeks now and are slowly settling in. I thought what moment would be better than this one, as the kiddies are out making mama proud in their new all-American elementary school, to dust off the old laptop and give you all the latest.

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Happy Birthday Mini Me: 8 Things My Kid Has Taught Me


Photo by Amrita Singh

My darling Cycy,

You are a true reflection of me. The older you get, the more I see it, the more it frustrates me, the more it makes me happy. We’re so much alike – from the way that we bicker to the way we play. I see myself in you each and every day.

Your intelligence makes me so proud. Your poise, the way you speak, the way you represent our family smarts each day at school. You make me wanna tell the world you’re mine. You laugh at all my jokes – and then add your own punch lines. Then we both tilt our heads back, laugh, and point like fools. You ask me 1000 questions a day. There’s not a thing you don’t want to know. Our car rides are the best. That’s where we have our deepest conversations. I just want to teach you everything and prepare you for what’s to come.

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Who’s In Your Top 5? : The Types of People You Should Keep Close

supportNot everyone who’s on top today got there with an uninterrupted stream of success. More often than not, those who history best remembers were faced with numerous obstacles that forced them to work harder and show more determination than others.

Next time you’re feeling down about your misfortunes in school or in a career, remind yourself that sometimes disappointments are just the first step towards success.

There’s nothing worse than going through those low periods in our lives, than going through them feeling alone. This is a time when it’s crucial to surround yourself with not many people, but with the right people. Take a good look at the people you connect with most. Look at your network – now examine their net worth (and I’m not just talking dollars and cents).

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When You’ve Done All You Can…

simonssaysstandI admit, sometimes I’m a control freak.

I don’t mean that in the way of being bossy and telling others what to do and say; I mean I often have this burning desire to control outcomes. I want the end result of certain situations, especially ones involving me, to be exactly how I envision it from the start.

When I truly want something, I want it reaaaaaaally badly. In fact, I feel I deserve it. I stress about it. Nothing material, I’m talking about life goals. I can’t help it, I’m just me. But where do you draw the line, take the weight off your shoulders, and allow things to just happen?

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The Freedom To Decline: 6 Simple Ways To Say “No”

sashaNOOn Saturday, I went from being tripled-booked at various events in the city to cozying up solo in my warm bed just after 9pm. I didn’t stay in that night for lack of things to do, or friends to do them with. I also failed to give each party a heads up that I wasn’t going to show.

Terrible, I know.

It was just one of those moments where my mind and body were crying out that I needed to slow down, just a tad.

I may not have spoken the words as I should have, but my actions clearly stated, “No.” Often known for overextending and burning out, I’m doing my best to get a hold of the fear of “missing out” that keeps me from saying no consistently. I must say it more often. But, I find it so difficult. And I am always trying to be nice to others at the expense of myself.

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I’m A Haute Mom…If I Do Say So Myself

How cool is that?

I’ve been given an awesome opportunity by American television host, Aubrey Aquino, to be showcased in all my mommy glory on her blog, 53 Weeks! The site features a weekly Wednesday section called “Haute Mom” where Aquino shines a light on the lives of some pretty amazing moms and their kiddies. Guess whose turn it was this Wednesday? photo-19You guessed it! Me!

The article is written in Q&A format, and I give my take on anything from advice to new mothers – to a little bit about my fashion sense and style. The bonus? I get to inspire other moms and show off a couple cute photos of my kids for a week (secretly every mama’s dream).

While I walk with a little extra pep in my step today, please go ahead and check out the full write-up, by clicking here: SASHA IS A HAUTE MOM.

Thanks for all the love! *flips hair*