RESP: A Four-Letter Word Parents Should Know

By: Nicole Simons


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Most parents don’t want to think about it, but it’s going to happen – your little baby will be off to college or university one day. The boo-hooing isn’t only because the itty bitty toddler you once knew is now all grown up, rather it’s the sheer panic of whether your pockets can afford the big step. How much will a post secondary education cost when your child is ready? Studies show that in just over 10 years, a four-year Honours university degree will cost more than $110,000 for a student living on campus. That’s a hefty bill for the average family, so unless you have access to a pot of gold, you might want to open up an RESP.

What’s an RESP, you ask?

It stands for Registered Education Savings Plan and it’s a super smart way to save for your child’s post secondary education. Parents, relatives, and even friends can open an RESP for a child.

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Old School Love

Doesn’t it feel good to know that people genuinely care? When they’re interested in knowing how you’re doing…or what you’re doing…and why or how? And none of it is fake.

Well, it feels pre-tty darn good every time I hear from my old professors and other faculty at Ryerson University. I like that they’re paying attention. I love that they truly want me to succeed.

writing lab, Ryerson University

writing lab, Ryerson University

“How lovely – you have a good job!” said one radio prof in a private message on my Facebook page in 2012.

It’s funny, she’s the one teacher of mine who I was convinced didn’t like me. It was something about her personality and mine that just never quite clicked. I mean, she’s there to instruct, not to be my friend. But I had developed great relationships with the others over the four years, I just assumed that when she wasn’t rolling on the floor and dying of laughter at my silly jokes – that, yep, she hated me!

But, I was wrong. She’s just tough as nails. Always was and always will be. And it took a glance in my inbox years after we parted ways for me to get over myself and realize she was simply doing her job. I’m thankful to be able to say that radio prof is one of a bunch who have given me the odd shout out and sent emails of encouragement and support since I left the school.

Imagine the smile on my face when an email popped up from the Ryerson School of Journalism, asking to interview me and feature my profile online amongst a handful of other graduates. Check out the Q&A here.

Go Rams!